Pacific Northwest UU Young Adults

About us, our mission, and why we matter:

Young Adult conferences happen two to three times a year (Spring and Fall with an occasional summer), usually at a church in the district, but have also been known to take place at camps in Oregon or Washington, usually on the I-5 corridor. We serve the entire Unitarian Universalist Pacific Northwest District which includes all of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Western Idaho, along with British Columbia. Our age range is 18 to 35, and our conferences range in size from 40 to 80 attendees including a 5-10 person staff. The staff for each con differs and individuals on staff come from all over the Pacific Northwest. Young Adult conferences fulfill a need that many churches can’t for us. Many people in our age range do not feel comfortable in a traditional congregation, are still too transient to put down roots in a single congregation, or find their religious and spiritual community on the campuses of the colleges and universities throughout the district. At this point in our lives, many Young Adults find that conferences provide the spiritual home and community we need.  Many congregations struggle to support the needs of their local Young Adult groups. The last several conferences have not only facilitated networking among young adults in the area, but also revitalized young adult groups from campuses and churches alike.

On April 26th, 2009, at the suggestion of the district program consultant, Tandi Rogers Koerger, we voted as a conference to officially break from the district, to officially drop the D in our name, so to speak. The vote was unanimous. We will spend the next several conferences sorting out protocol and electing official staff.

The bylaws were completed and voted into action during the spring con in 2013. The first board of PNWUUYA was also elected in during that con. We hold elections every year at our Spring Con in accordance with our bylaws.

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    Getting in touch with the board is easy, either email us at or message our Facebook page with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.