Con Planning Etiquette

This section is drawn from the experiences of several individuals who have been on staff for multiple conferences. None of these points are meant to be attacks on anyone who is or has been in the community. These guidelines are for all staff, not just those in the dean/co-dean role.

•    Keep the seven principles in mind during all aspects of con planning.
•    Use respectful language in all communication.
•    Don't reject ideas just because they weren't in your original vision.
•    Don't do confidential business in public forums (BCC is your BFF!).
•    Have reasonable expectations and give proper notice. If you need something from a staff member, keep in mind their lives outside of cons.
•    Don't take on more than you can handle, let someone know if you need help or need to step down, and do what you volunteer to do. (Don't flake! It's rude!).
•    Withholding the con box or con binder because you have something against the next planners is inappropriate.
•    Because we don't have 'higher-ups', all con planning is based on honor system and your word. Trust is key. Give everyone the chance they deserve!
•    Even if you can handle it, don't take on everything! This is a group effort!
•    Just because someone has been in charge in the past doesn't mean they are in charge now – give them a break!