Site and Date

Site and Date – BFFs ♥

You might have the perfect site in mind, but if they're not available during any of the weekends you're available, there's not much you can do but find another site. And if you have the perfect date that doesn't conflict with anything, it doesn't mean squat if you can't find a site! But on the topic of conflicts, it is impossible to find a date that will make absolutely everyone happy.

SO! First priority is to pick a date. Avoid holiday weekends. Check the district calendar for the youth con and other big events. It's nice to YA sponsors and bridging youth to not schedule youth and YA cons for the same weekend. Next, keep in mind finals and breaks of quarter schools (Oregon, OSU, UW) and semester schools (Lewis & Clark, Reed, Puget Sound). It is impossible to avoid all conflicts, but if you keep these in mind, you can please a good majority of attendees. The final thing to keep in mind is cons in the recent past. Was last spring con during semester schools' spring break? Try to avoid it this time! Couldn't avoid youth con last fall? Make sure to avoid it this time! And most importantly, make sure the core staff can make it!

After all these considerations, you should have 2 or 3 weekends that can work for almost everyone... and now it's time to pick a site! Consider where the last few cons were when picking a site. If the last few cons were north of the Columbia, try having one in Oregon. If it was just in Portland metro two cons ago, Portland probably shouldn't be your first choice. Other things to take into consideration when picking a site are the projected size of the con versus the occupancy of the site, the kitchen facilities, the price of the site, and most importantly, the date of the conference. Try to be in talks with 2 or 3 sites. Churches tend to be cheaper than other sites, and, on the whole, love to support the young adult community.

In the end, there might have to be a compromise if none of the sites you're talking to can work with the 2 or 3 dates you have in mind. In that case, it's really just a judgment call on what weekend/site is chosen.