PNWUUYA Leadership

PNWUUYA has a new board now!

Board from 13 April 2018:
Chair: Kevin Plissner
Con Coordinator: Ben Killorin
Treasurer: Matthew Stidham
Members at large: May Killorin and Dusty Hall
Historian:  NEEDED
Food Supervisor: Stina Stein
Head Chaplain: Stephanie Zander

15 April 2018 - 13 April 2018:
Co-chairs: Dylan Horkin and Matthew Stidham
Members at large: Makayla Vogel, Kira Herdklotz-Yasutake
Food Supervisor:
Head chaplain:

Board as of October 2017
Chair: Eyvonne Geordan 
Treasurer: Kat Schmidt (Interim- appointed  4/17/2017)
Con Coordinator: Harrison Pettit
Members at Large: Makayla Vogel, Kira Herdklotz-Yasutake

Current Staff: 
Head Chaplain: Makayla Vogel, Dmitri Powers (both appointed 10/31/2017) 
Food Supervisor: Ava Klein (appointed 4/17/2017)
Historian: Matthew Stidham (appointed 10/31/2017)

Former PNWUUYA Board:
Spring 2017-Spring 2018
Chair: Eyvonne Geordan 
Treasurer: Lex Lowe (resigned 4/2017) 
Con Coordinator: Harrison Pettit 
Members at Large: Makayla Vogel, Kira Herdklotz-Yasutake

Second Board: 
At this time the board was still set up with an alternating year plan for elections, but shortly after the election the bylaws update that shrunk the board and removed the alternating year elections. Members who's seats remained on the board stayed on the board, those who's seats were moved to staff positions almost exclusively resigned, with the exception of Matthew Stidham who continued on as historian. 
Chair: Eyvonne Geordan 
Treasurer: Lex Lowe
Con Coordinator: Harrison Pettit 
Historian: Matthew Stidham
Head Chaplain: Rachael Lowe 
Food Supervisors: Sophia Pakker and Quincy Iris Wise-Dorbolo
Members at Large: Ben Griffin, Brian Smith, Makayla Vogel

First Board: 
At this time in the bylaws the board was elected on a rotating cycle with members being elected in alternate years. Unfortunately a year after the board was elected was the canceled con that caused PNWUUYA cons to have a multi-year break which included a long list of resignations and interim folks, not all of whom are represented on this list. The second board was elected as a whole board vote despite the design to be alternating because all seats needed to be re-elected. 

Chair: Caitlin Stow 
Treasurer: Mark Robinson 
Con-Coordinator: Kyle McDonald 
Historian: Matthew Stidham
Head Chaplain: Kelly Pryde
Food Supervisor: Chantelle Davidson
Members at Large: Ben Griffin,  Jesse Nicola 

Former PNWUUYA Staff: 
[we have not had 'staff' positions long enough to have former staff] 

Pre-Bylaws Staff:
Dylan Horkin (2010-2014)
Conference Coordinator

James Porter (2010-2014)

Jessie Brainerd  (2009-2010)
Conference Coordinator

Rachelle Robinson (2009-2010)

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