Proposed Bylaws and Policy

These are the revisions that are being proposed that are currently being discussed. Please note that the documents that appear here are drafts that are in PDF format that are actively being reviewed and as such can change, updated versions of the documents will be placed here when they are available but there may be a delay in getting them to this page as this is not their primary location of being worked with. In the event that you have feedback on these documents please contact Eyvonne Geordan and the board directly ( 
This is what the bylaws will look like after the current revisions are put through assuming that no changes are made.

There have been scattered policy documents that have had various levels of cohesion over the years, this one is intended primarily to bring everything together into a single document for easy access and formally addresses some of the items that have been treated as basically policy but have never been written down to create actual policy. It was made based on the original duties of officers and trustees document.

This is a summary of the changes from the current bylaws


As mentioned the policies document is made based on the duties and officers of trustees document (currently missing) the changes that have been made from that document are summarized in this document