PNWUUYA Activities

PNWUUYA has had many faces over the past several years. This area is where the documentation that we have will be compiled. The compilation started in February of 2016, attempts have been made to collect as much history from further back than that as are possible, but there will be gaps. If you see an area in this that you have a memory of or that you know someone who knows how to fill it, please have them write up a summary of what they remember of the events and contact the board to have it added to this section. Please note that there are very few formal documents to say what happened and our historical notes will be almost exclusively personal accounts, authors will be named wherever possible, along with their relevant positions at the time of the incident. Please note as well that anyone is welcome to submit statements with their experience so that they can be a part of the record so long as they are not being posted in a direct attempt to shame or attack other participants. All submissions should be sent to