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Meeting 5/19/2017

The agenda for this meeting was: 
Opening words
Approve updates to policy
Chaplaincy check in 
Deans search check in
Spirit check in
What’s the new Quorum for con voting? 


Policy Updates
Food handlers permit is non specific as to Oregon versus Washington to allow the food supervisor to get the one where they live
Section 3.5 (f) says we follow all federal law (among other things) and federal law currently says that Cannabis is illegal, so we have added Section 3.5 (f) (i) which adds an exception for medical use
CAG's or community action groups are governed by a separate document that is available in the Con Planning Resources
Vote to enact new policies: All in favor, none opposed
The current policies which were just voted into action can be viewed here. 

We have had a few meetings of the chaplaincy committee and have an outline of the schedule and started working on curriculum. First drafts should be available by the end of summer 
The Pacific Western Region is holding a 'lay pastoral care training' in Edmonds, its for one day (6 hours) and is free! For more information, click here
We has been in touch with Eric Bliss (regional youth ministry coordinator) regarding the chaplaincy trainings that have been done for youth recently and have access to their curriculum to be able to draw from it. 
Eyvonne has been in touch with a national coordinator who was running chaplaincy trainings in the midwest, still working on getting access to their resources 

We have a request from Eric to dean, he sounds really excited. Further follow up will be required.
Fall con will have at least two hours dedicated to reworking the community covenant 
If Eric is not going to Dean the board will appoint Makayla to dean next con and assist with planning
Con will most likely be in Oregon, and most likely in October or November. 

The first draft of the curriculum is complete, we are now working on reviewing and editing to make sure its great! If you would like to help with this please contact Eyvonne Geordan, or email the board at
Eyvonne is in contact with Edmonds, they will host us and have offered two dates, Spirit will be August 11-13. 
We are still in need of chaplains, cooks, and facilitators, again contact Eyvonne Geordan or the board at

The number of attendees at our cons is substantially lower than when the original bylaws were put in place and the quorum that currently exists for voting is to high to be reasonable 
Changing this number will be a process: select the new number, draft the bylaws with the new number, have the board vote on the new draft, hold business meeting (20 minutes out of a con) and have the community vote on the draft. If at any point a vote fails we go back to the beginning and try again 
We are currently planning to have the new number be 20. Eyvonne is drafter the bylaws to reflect that now and the board will vote at their next meeting