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Meeting 1-29-2017

Due to technical difficulties there was not a live stream for this meeting. 

1. Appoint Positions
    Head- Chaplain Makayla Vogel
    Historian- Matthew Stidham
    Food Supervisor- Harrison Pettit
Con Check in
Early Bird Registration policy updates
Walk on Registration policy
Partial Attendance Policy
New Scholarship Policy
Non-Profit status update
Covenanting Communities
FM systems

Positions are mostly a formality following the election. Harrison was appointed to be Food Supervisor to streamline the con planning process while we have further conversations about how to plan and administer con.

Con planning is going well, registration is now available here.

Early bird registration is available until three weeks before con and is intended to incentivise early registration. Prior to the early bird deadline registration starts at $30, after the deadline the minimum registration fee is $35. 

Walk ons are allowed at our events but will be required to pay the maximum end of the sliding scale. 

Attendees who need to either leave early or arrive late may do so as long as they attend most of the event, for example leaving late Saturday night or arriving late on Friday. Attendees should still coordinate with con staff if they are going to miss part of the event. 

Scholarship policy has changed so we are now only offering 50% scholarships on the main registration page. A separate additional aid request page has been set up that offers additional scholarship funds and help with travel expenses. 

We have our non-profit status in Washington and are currently just working on getting our nonprofit status with the IRS, its the number from the IRS that Brian needs to get us access to the google tools that we are waiting on to get more updates. 

Covenanting communities are a new program with the UUA that helps work with non-traditional groups such as ourselves to help connect with resources from the UUA that we are thinking about looking into. More discussion to come on this subject. 

FM systems are a device that increases the accessibility of our events for people with hearing loss, Lex has a few proposals and is working with Brian to get a grant to cover the costs.