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Meeting 4/17/2017

Unfortunately due to technical issues the live stream for this event wasn't able to be set up.

The agenda for the meeting was: 
1. Appoint Treasurer
2. Con Check in
    Review Spring
        What did we like
        What needs to be changed
        *everyone* needs to do a write up
    Spirit check in
        Early documentation is available
        Site and Date?
    Fall con
        We need a new dean and staff
3. Pet projects
    What do you want to work on? What support do you need from the board?
4. Arrange to get Con box and other supplies
5. Covenanting Communities

Eyvonne Geordan (Chair)
Kira Herdklotz-Yasutake (Member at Large)
Harrison Pettit (Con Coordinator)
Kat Schmidt (Treasurer)
Makayla Vogel (Member at Large)


    Need to appoint a treasurer following Lex's resignation 
    Kat volunteered, all in favor. 
Con Check in
    Wings Spring Con review:
        Areas for improvement:
            we need more chaplains
        Things that went well: 
            Pretty much everything else  
        Make write ups
            For the website we need record of what people's experience of attending con was, this should be really just what was it like to attend con.    
        some documentation is available, first drafts for revision will be available at the end of the month
        Site and Date   
            Eyvonne was working with Rev. Sinkford at First but he just got appointed President of the UUA so contact needs to be established again 
            Kat has connections at WHUUF that might include leading service on the Sunday following
            Eyvonne and Kat will follow up after the meeting  
    Fall con
        Biggest problem we have is not having a Dean  
        Cut of for waiting on volunteering is April 30th, after that the board will step in. 
        Would like to see some work done surrounding our covenant  
Pet Projects - Individual tasks people are taking on outside of the board
    Eyvonne - Chair  
        Teaming up with Makayla and Dmitri to get a chaplaincy curriculum  
        First draft of Spirit to be out by the end of the month 
        Assist with Business licensing and getting a bank account 
    Kat - Treasurer
        Needs to get our business license and bank account in order 
        In order to do that is going to need:
            Current account information 
            Current legal status of PNWUUYA
            Any records that we have
        All of these things are with the Con Box/Lex in Seattle  
        Kat will be in seattle last weekend of may 
    Harrison - Con Coordinator
        Main focus is getting staff for fall con 
        Continuing work on the ConTemplate
            Mostly done, just needs to get the formatting fixed up and will be good to go
            Goal is to have it by the end of July in time for the next con planning team 
    Makayla - Member at Large, Head Chaplain 
        Will Check in with Eyvonne and Dmitri to write a chaplaincy curriculum for training 
        Meeting will be in the next couple weeks 
        Getting CPR trained 
            As a part of the class is going to make a new first aid kit for us that is more suited to our needs 
        Needs a current inventory of the con box supplies
            will get in touch with Lex about it
    Kira - Member at Large 
        Is ready to help out anywhere that needs help
Covenanting Communities
    This is a program by the UUA to help recognize groups other than churches
    Helps with networking and resources 
    Previous documentation had a financial component of $100 a year, but that couldn't be confirmed now
    More information:
    Would like to bring this up to the community
Other Stuff - We had extra time to chat at the end of the meeting
    PNWUUYA now has a liability release 
        Borrowed the PCUUYA liability release and changed the name 
        Will now be a part of the con pre packet
    The official rules of con need to be put into the policy document
        Eyvonne will have a draft ready for the next board meeting
    Condoms in the con box 
        Following the policy change disallowing sex at cons the condoms that used to be in the con box were removed 
            This is a highly debated topic, essentially boiling down to do points:   
                pro: just because we aren’t allowing sex doesn’t mean that sex isn’t happening (and if it is it should be safe)
                con: we need to maintain our public image and condoms don’t hold up with that
        We are still going to keep the condoms out of the con box
        Condoms are not banned at cons or other events, we just won't be supplying them 
Next meeting will be in the middle of next month. Expect a doodle poll close to the beginning of the month. 

Questions about this meeting may be directed to anyone who was in attendance or to the board generally at: