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PNWUUYA Spring Con 2016

Date and Location: 
April 1-3, 2016
Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (QUUF, in Port Townsend) 

Registration Blurb: 

From the creators of...well, pretty much every other Young Adult conference, comes CopacetiCon! That’s right—the wait is over and Spring Con will finally arrive!

This will be a MUSIC-BASED CONFERENCE! Does that mean that you need to be able to play a musical instrument to join us? No! Does that mean that you need to be musically inclined in any way? Absolutely not! This conference is for anyone who enjoys listening to, learning about, creating, feeling, or otherwise experiencing music and how it makes us feel, well, copacetic. 


Dean: Ben Griffin 

Senior Chaplains: Racheal Lowe, Eyvonne Geordan

Junior Chaplain: Harrison Pettit

Touch Groups: Abbie Gribskov

Worship: Stephen Zephyr Dylan Plachta 

Registration: Eyvonne Geordan

Rides: Kailan Tyler-Babkirk

Food: Sophia Pakker 

Intermin Con Coordinator: Eyvonne Geordan

Con Documents: 


Touch Groups 





Personal statements: 

Please contact the board if you have personal statements to submit