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CoUUrage Budget

The Budget listed here is a bare bones version that doesn't include any of the extraneous info for looking at what happens with cons of different sizes to be able to predict if we are going to be on budget and in the black. If you are trying to create a budget for an event and would like a full copy of our standard budgeting form please contact the board. If you're curious about the specific numbers for this con that you would like clarified also feel free to contact the board to review it. 

Constant FactorsIncome:Cash0
Min Reg $ $ 30.00 Check35
Max Reg $ $ 60.00 Paypal778
Food $/person $ 12.00 Total Income813
% scholarships25%
Site Cost $ -
Security Deposit $ 300.00
# registrants paid (paypal)20.00Expenses
# registrants paid (check)1.00Site $ -
Current $ income (paypal) $ 778.00 Paypal51.41
Current $ income (check) $ 35.00 FormAssembly2.4
# Attendees48
# Scholarships12Total Expenses $ 53.81
RevenueIncome $ 759.19
Min $ 1,263.00
Avg $ 1,393.71
Max $ 1,713.00
Site $ -
Security Deposit (Refundable) $ 300.00
Touch Groups15
General Supplies15
Paypal Fees (2.9% + $0.30/transaction)51.41
Online form fee ($0.05/form)2.4
Total $ 989.81
Net gain (min)$273.19
Net gain (avg)$403.90
Net gain (max)$723.19
extra cost/person to cover excess expenses$0.00
# remaining people to pay15.00
current deficit (not estimating unpaid)(176.81)
# of people who need to pay avg to break even0
# of people who need to pay max to break even0