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Eyvonne Geordan, Staff Chaplain

This con had a lot going on, right from the beginning. I was the only person from the original staff that ended up able to make it all the way from the start of planning to the final execution of the event, and it was quite a wild ride. By holding up the continuity of the planning from one set of staff to the next I quickly found myself working closely with the deans to help advise them as problems arose that would normally fall outside the roll of the staff chaplain, most notably in all of the paperwork that I did. Once we got to con everything kept moving quickly as it always does, but things were going fairly smoothly for Friday night setup and check in all around. Saturday had quite a bit of confusion in between the workshops and dinner. The deans, chaplains and I had multiple check in meetings following up on the general progress of how everything was running. Some of what came up in these meetings was a misunderstanding regarding that the staff would be searching through luggage and personal belongings (which I would like to re-emphasize will happen over my dead body) that ultimately lead to the widely known early departure of Galen and Emily from con. With the understanding that things had gotten significantly out of hand we took a few hours to reflect on the events of the day and in the evening followed up by way of the CAG process to help understand where things had gone wrong. 

For those that don't have experience with the CAG process, or the CAC process from youth events on which ours is based, its very important to know and understand what it is and isn't. The goal of these meetings isn't a witch hunt to declare people innocent or guilty, its simply a process of finding out what happened and deciding how best to move forward from it. It is true that this can take the form of asking someone not to come back, but that is far from the only possible outcome. In this case it showed us an error in our chaplaincy system that has fed directly into both the trainings of chaplains, and the system that we are going to use at future cons to help ease people into chaplaincy without using a trial by fire that is just throwing them in for their first time without getting to see what they are going to be doing first hand. 

OUUC has always been one of my favorite sites, the land around it is beautiful and the church facilities are a wonderful size for the activities that we do. It has two large spaces that can be used for a main group workshop or worship, and can also be divided out so that there is plenty of individual room for touch groups or smaller workshops. The kitchen is one of the easiest to work in of any church I have been in a con at, its nice central location lets the people running it stay part of the middle of the action, and the kitchen is large enough to have multiple people coming through to say hi (none of which is to mention how awesomely organized it is). To top it all off the people of OUUC are always very friendly and a wonderful group to work with. It is a wonderful location that is relatively central in the district that I would highly recommend to any con staff looking for a site.