Eyvonne Geordan, Board Chair

This was one of the best cons that I have been to in a while. The site that we had was one of the better one's for accessibility, even though I spent most of the weekend in my wheelchair I was still able to get to all of the rooms that we were using. This con was much more spiritual than many of our cons have been lately, which is a theme that I am hoping to continue with our next events. The main workshop was brought back for this con and I felt that it went very well, I was glad to see it return. I felt like the gap that was created in the afternoon by canceling the second set of workshops was excessively long and left things feeling a little unplanned. I liked only having one set of workshops though, in the future I would like to see the extra time spread a bit more evenly throughout the day, and possibly adding in a Saturday day worship. All of the scheduled activities went very well, staff did very well.

When food is done well it is easy to forget about because it isn't a planned activity like everything else, but speaking as an omnivore without additional restrictions the food was very well done at this con. Ava did extremely well planning and executing all of the meals and was one of the first food coordinators to do so on their budget.