Paul Woodward

One of the things I appreciated about this most recent Con was the feeling of there being no

expectations when I arrived. I was definitely caught up in other things when I attended, but the

feeling of release from those stresses was freeing, and very appreciated. I really enjoyed the

smaller group, and the location very close to nature. Our trip to the beach was special - the

childish glee of walking right out the door of the church and into the unknown forest, the tranquil

beauty of the Sound, the random moments of humor when someone got squirted by a geoduck

– and felt both whimsical and also connecting. I felt more of a spiritual connection at this Con.

There was not a cliquish nature, and though there were not really any workshops, I believe that this

put the focus on worship; we really got the opportunity to look at ourselves, our group, and find

whatever we needed in it. Last Con was a success, in my mind, and I look forward to continuing

to build the community while holding onto this feeling in future Cons.