Formation and Early History

It turns out that we did exist before we officially existed! There are many stories that float around in our community of 'the good old days'. If you hear someone telling one, help them to get it written down so that we can add it to this page and have an actual written memory of where we came from. As mentioned on the front, this area goes into a rather murky area of memory, and because we are human this means that it is inherently faulty (this being why we are trying to write as much down as we can now) if you remember events happening differently submit your own statement and we can put them up side by side and note where the differences lie.

PNWUUYA had its first elections as an independent organization at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship in Spring 2014. We became an official non-profit independent of the Pacific Northwest District around that time registered in Oregon. These stories are from before that election.