Con Box inventory Spring 2016

Shortly after the elections at spring con Lex, Rebecca, and Eyvonne (with Harrison on video call) got together to review the contents of the con box.

Con Box Inventory:

-2 unopened boxes of condoms (80)

-3 mini (2 oz.) shaving cream

-2 bottles of ibuprofen (1000)

- 1 box of tampons

-2 Tibetan prayer flags

-12 Twin blade razors

-4 boxes of matches and 4 books of matches

-Deep Fun: Games and Activities book

-1 unsolved Rubik’s cube

-A complete deck of card

-Box of foam earplugs

-Kids Crest toothpaste


-3 toothbrushes

-Cranium game  

-2 used things of blue tape

-48 t-light candles

-A lot of tacks

-2 used scotch tape

-2 skeins of yarn

-4 pair of scissors

-First aid kit (update: from for 12 people to 100 people)

-A lot pencils (lifetime supply)

-A bunch of paper bags (mailboxes)

-A bunch of paper

-A bunch of magazines

-Beach balls (8-ish)

-Masking tape (1)

-Ribbon (1)

-Cling wrap

-Aluminum foil

-Uno set (small game)

-Apples to apples set

-2 scotch tape

-bag of sharpies

-3 pairs of scissors

-Glue Sticks




-Con and Chaplaincy Binders

-Name tags